Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sing Siang Lai Restaurant (新香来)

Sing Sing Lai Restaurant (missing the character 'lai')

We went to the above restaurant for a birthday dinner celebration tonight. 

Sing Siang Lai Restaurant is located in Stutong area.  I have been to this restaurant once for a baby's full moon party but the food served then were buffet style and not a sit down dinner like what we had tonight.

There were eleven of us and every seems to be rather small eater and not very adventurous so we didn't order a lot but having said that, what we had were rather good, with some hits and misses but there were a lot more hits than misses so I'm not complaining.

Mongolian lamb shank

First up was this wonderful, flavourful, tender and triple yumminess of a lamb shank.  We have to pre-order this dish one day in advance and is one of the signature dish of this restaurant.  It was really nice and three shanks are enough to go around for eleven people.  The shanks were served with a refreshing honeydew drizzled with some mayonnaise.

'Kay see mee' aka chicken strips noodle
Since we are celebrating birthdays, a birthday noodle ala Kuching style is a must.  I must say the noodle's quite nice and I enjoyed it with bits of chicken, mushroom, cabbage and carrots.  Pretty standard dish but was nice.

'Muichoy kau-yuk'

We also had the pork belly in preserved vegetable served with mantau bun but say it wasn't very good.  The meat wasn't really tender and the fat didn't really the melt in mouth which is my benchmark for such a dish.  I think I can cook better for this dish.

Other dishes include changkuk manis fried with egg which was very good, braised tofu, steam fish but I was too busy eating and forgot to snap the pictures!

No, the candles do not represent my age!

We ended the meal with some fresh fruits served by the restaurant but we also had the New York Cheese cake that we bought from Taka Bakery, which I must say is rather good too.

All in all it was a really nice dinner experience in this restaurant. 

I might consider coming again in the future to try their other signature dishes. :)

Good night!

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