Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home Recycling Project 1 - Wrapping Papers

I won't call myself a recycling freak but I do enjoy the challenge of reusing and recycling what I have, prolonging their lives and extend their usefulness before throwing them away.

However, I am not really the type that like to make crafts out of such recycle materials but instead rather to use them practically.  One of such materials that I usual reuse are wrapping papers from presents that I received.

Now, I am the type that sees no joy in in ripping the wrappers off the gifts with great passion and trash the wrappers afterwards without any further thoughts.  I am the type that gently unwrapped the gifts with such tenderness taking care not to tear any of the wrappers (so that I can reuse them) and wait patiently as the gifts revealed itself :)

I must clarify that I do not use these wrappers to wrap gifts to others.   I know of others who do that but not me.  I have other more usefulness for these beautiful wrappers :)  One common practice would me for me to use them as drawer liners, to line drawers and cabinets and like what I did today, I use these wrappers to line my new shoe rack.

These are various used wrappers that I have kept since Christmas last year. They are of various sizes and textures and colours, slight tear here and there but nothing a tape can't fix.

What I did was to wrap the plants of the shoe shelves with these papers, combining the ones that are of smaller sizes and where possible, use the whole wrapper for a neater look.    All I need are just some masking tapes which I use to tape the papers to the bottom of them planks.

The wrapped planks will keep the shoes from dirtying them and 6 months or a year down the road when the papers get dirty and torn, all I have to do is to re-wrapped them.

One happy and clean shelves - a new home for my shoes :) and *ka-ching* money saved from having to buy drawer liners :)