Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pinang Nyonya Restaurant

For some reason, I just feel like posting here after returning from dinner at the above restaurant.

I have been busy of late due to the festive celebration and also some new compliant at work that I need to work on, something related to data protection.

Anyway, this restaurant has been in operation for a few months, if not mistaken. It's situated along the new shops near OneTJ in Kuching.  We have passed it many times but never went in to try so when the hubby decided that we should try it tonight, I was quick to agree and I do love nyonya food from either Penang or Malacca.

Tummy empty and rumbling, expectation way up high, off we go to Pinang Nyonya Restaurant.

These are what we ordered :


 Tau yu bak @ hard boil egg, one taukua, few pieces of ribs and pork belly.  It was quite nice in terms of flavour but the meat wasn't very tender.  We order it as it's one of the few items on the menu that wasn't spicy.

The hubby wanted ju hu car. At RM11.90 which was a mixture of turnip, dried sotong, carrots, black fungas and I'm not sure what else. It is quite pricy as the portion is rather small. It came with the sambal and thank goodness the sambal packs a punch and added a much needed dimension to an otherwise rather one dimensional and oily dish.

I wanted the sambal fish.  This fish cost RM7.90 and it was nice as in it's fresh and the sambal that's stuffed in the fish is rather sweet and spicy and goes very well with the fish.  The only issue I have with this is that the sambal's too little.

The daughter wanted the inche kabin. If not mistaken, there's about three wings and a couple of keropok. Priced at RM11.90, the chicken's nicely fried and are very juicy.  You might say it's expensive but then chicken wing goes for RM2.50 to RM3 a piece even in hawker stalls so I'm all good with this.

We also a soup of the day which was pork bones and watercress soup.  All soup of the day is priced at RM7.90 and you have to check with the waitress on what's available.  The desert of the day is 'tong yuen'.  All desert of the day is at R4.50.  We didn't order it.

Rice is RM2.50 per person and you can ask for complimentary top up if you are a 'rice bin'. :).  Pickle papaya is RM2 which was served the minute you are seated. Drinks ranged from RM3 to RM6 depending on what you order.

Our bill for three person comes up to RM70 but we can't finish the chicken wing so we doggy it back home. It will be part of my lunch tomorrow.

Other items on the menu are kapitan curry chicken, assam prawns, ngohiang (meat roll), sambal ladies fingers, sambal changkuk manis, among others.  Favourites such as otak-otak, fried kueh teow and cendol are absent from the menu.

I'm not sure if I would go back again.


  1. A new outlet? Didnt notice this eating place although I stayed near OneTJ.

    1. Hi Rose...Yes, it's fairy new. maybe about 6 months?