Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Dong Zhi Festival is celebrated today, 22nd December this here's a bowl of tong yuen just for you.

I must clarify that I didn't cook this.  I took the picture from an email that I received and it actually reminded me that today's the day for making tong yuen.

Tong (Sugar) Yuen(Ball) is a traditional colourful Chinese dessert made and used to celebrate the Harvest Festival of the Padi and welcoming the arrival of winter season.  In modern day context, it's a good reminder that Chinese New Year is round the corner as Winter Solstice Festival is exactly one month before celebrating Chinese New Year.

Dong Zhi literally means The Arrival of Winter season and has been said to celebrate much merrier and grandly than the lunar Chinese New Year during ancient times.  The Ancient Chinese believed that after a year of successful harvest, it is the occasion for thanksgiving to the Mother Nature for her blessings. So,it is an occasion to celebrate.

I have to go and make my dong yuen now. So, here's wishing you and your family members happy get together.

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